SAVS guide to cruelty-free shopping online

To make your online shopping experience less of an ethical conundrum and more of a pleasure, we’ve put together a list of 100% vegan and vegan-friendly online stores.

100% Vegan

Elated Vegan
Some vegan products and plenty of vegan info.

Ethical Earth
Vegan food products

Inspired Vegan Food
Based in JHB, some items can be sent via courier.

Moonshadow Vegan Deli
Vegan food products

Moonshadow Gift Shop
Vegan-owned online gift shop with dedicated “vegan corner”.

O’ My Goodness
Vegan snacks.
Are closing down on 30 June. 25% Off all remaining stocks.

Vegan cereals and kale chips

The Absolute Vegan
Vegan food and accessories.

Vegan cat- and dog food.

Vegetarian with vegan options

Vegetarian and vegan food products

Faithful to Nature
Vegan and vegetarian products, well labelled for easy shopping.

Quarry Lake Foods
Vegetarian and vegan food

Vegetarian and vegan food and supplements.

The Organic Bakery
Organic baked goods with vegan options

Zoe Health Store
Vegetarian and vegan health products.

NOT vegan/vegetarian but some vegan products


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