Embracing difference

SAVS responds to inclusion of intersectional content on social media

The South African Vegan Society (SAVS) began our facebook group, Vegan Society South Africa, as an online space for the vegan and vegan supportive community to connect and share information, ideas, products, views and events. SAVS is an inclusive organization which means that all people are welcome regardless of background or belief – or even whether or not they are vegan yet. This is certainly the case with our group which currently consists of over twenty two thousand members, which includes a diverse group of people with a diverse number of reasons for being here. We encourage a positive, progressive, open and safe environment in which the vegan community can grow, and in which people who are open to learning more about veganism can do so with a feeling of acceptance and understanding of their individual journey.

We do not censor or prescribe content unless it is hateful to any living being (including humans) or diminishes the support and growth of veganism. Healthy discussion is encouraged, but SAVS cannot accept or tolerate discussions or posts that are disrespectful, threatening or inflammatory towards others who share this platform.

Expanding our understanding of oppression and being able to identify ways to liberate the lives of non-human animals begins with what we put in our mouths, what we wear and how we conduct ourselves in the world. Assessing different forms of oppression and how they intersect in complex ways can empower us by helping us to understand where other vegans are coming from. Identifying how our societies have been set up to take advantage of others in the community will not only help us in our work towards liberating animals from their current status as commodities but will unite us with others in our common goal of a healthier, more compassionate and less violent world.

SAVS looks forward to seeing this group continue to share vegan food finds, news articles, ideas for recipes, demonstration and protest news and alerts, rants and raves, posts about spirituality, the environment, health, families, vegan businesses, memes, events and views. We are a community. We are diverse. We are growing fast. Our circles are expanding and in so doing we see a strengthening in the vegan movement. SAVS is not in the business of reducing the vegan resolve but in supporting, strengthening and growing this community.

We thank you for your contributions to this group, and look forward to receiving many more productive and inclusive posts.


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