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Anyone for Tacos?

Zimbabwean vegan chef Nicola Kagoro aka Chef Cola picked this particular recipe because it’s fun and easy to make, not forgetting the ingredients are available in your local super market at affordable prices.


The Rise and Rise of Vegan Prodding

Grant Nash has been vegan for just over six years now and in all this time he has never been exposed to the amount of memes, jokes and illogical counter vegan arguments currently swamping his social media feeds.

Vegan Santa Christmas

Summer loving

There are loads of ways to keep it cool – rather than cruel – this holiday. South African Vegan Society Director ANNA JORDAN shares some creative ideas to avert festive fallout As we head...

Vegan Living - Vegan Foods in South Africa

Vegan Food in South Africa

Please note that none of the products on this list (except where otherwise specified) are officially endorsed by the South African Vegan Society. We rely completely on companies and manufacturers to supply us with...

Vegan Living Vegetarian Eggs

Why Not Vegetarian?

Isn’t vegetarianism enough? Isn’t veganism just a radical fringe diet? Almost everybody knows a couple of vegetarians – people who don’t eat meat but usually still eat eggs and cheese, drink milk and don’t...

Vegan Living FAQ Labrador

Frequently Asked Questions

Many common questions posed by and to vegans are answered below. If you would like to see any questions not listed here included, then get in touch and let us know. QUICK LINKS Why...


Non-Vegan E-Numbers

E-Numbers are simply artificial food additives, like colourants, flavourants, antioxidants, preservatives, stabilisers, thickeners etc. Each of these additives is given a corresponding “E Number” that adheres to an international numbering system, so that their...