Book Review – Why I Will Always Be Vegan: 125 essays from around the world

M ‘Butterflies’ Katz
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (2015)
ISBN 1512067806 (ISBN13: 9781512067804)
Available on Amazon in Kindle or paperback edition

This visually enticing book, compiled by long-term vegan and animal rights advocate (since 1979) M ‘Butterflies’ Katz, is dedicated to what it means to be vegan and offers insights from committed vegans around the world.

Katz, who has been vegan since 1979, noticed that the word ‘vegan’ was being so loosely bandied about in contemporary pop culture, that it ceased to have much backbone, and recognised the need to draw renewed attention to the real meaning of what it means to be ‘vegan’.

Reaching out to the international community for their stories and messages, she asked people why their commitment to being vegan was a lifetime choice and not just a whim, a fashionable fad or just for better health. The result is an inspiring collection of short essays from people of all ages, diverse backgrounds and economies from all around the planet. Look out for the local contributions from South Africans Melanie Thomet and Daniel Bothma! Each essay is a personal story of realisation and understanding in relation to the vegan ideal.

This is a book to keep readily at hand. Whether reading for yourself or sharing a story with family and friends, it is both a confirmation and inspiration for already committed vegans and for those who are seeking deeper insight into why veganism offers hope for the future of our planet and all its inhabitants – not just humans.


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