5th Annual Conference for Critical Animal Studies

The 5th Institute for Critical Animals Studies (Africa) Conference is happening at UCT on 10 and 11 September this year, and is calling for individual paper presentations, panels, lectures, debates, workshops, teach-ins, roundtables as well as art and film presentations providing comparative engagement across countries and regions. Non-academic and activist papers that explore grassroots movements are strongly encouraged.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Theory and practice behind activism and organising
  • Intersectionality in theory and practice
  • The debates between welfarism and liberation theory and practice
  • Animals in art, theatre and dance
  • Global and local resistance, learning communities and pedagogy
  • Gender, sexuality and veganism
  • Class, race and CAS
  • The criminalisation and prosecution of dissent
  • Cinematic, literary, and art representations of nonhuman animals
  • Nonhuman animals and the law
  • Re-imagining the Anthropocene

If you are interested in submitting a paper, see the official Call for Presentations.


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