SAVS launches campaign in support of Oh My Soul Café

SAVS is calling on all its members, all fellow vegans and supporters of the animal justice cause to make a donation in support of Oh My Soul Café which is under legal attack by fast-food chain Chicken Licken.
Don’t hesitate. Every amount counts. To make your donation, please visit:

With just under two weeks to go until the next round of the David-and-Goliath court case between a small vegan eaterie based in Durban and South African fast-food chain Chicken Licken, South African Vegan Society (SAVS) is launching an appeal to all members and fellow vegans to make a donation to help Oh My Soul Café cover their legal fees.

In February this year, this small, cruelty-free, family-run café, was targeted by the corporate fried chicken merchandiser over the use of the word ‘Soul’. Oh My Soul Café was accused of being ‘confusing and deceptively similar’ to the chicken fast-food company and diluting their brand identity. After two High Court appearances and a three-week wait for the verdict, the small vegan café won the case, dismissed with costs.

But the fast-food giant has come back fighting with an appeal against the judgement. The appeal will be heard in the High Court on the 10 July 2019 – just a few weeks from now.

With this costly battle underway, SAVS is asking all its members and all fellow vegans who support cruelty-free enterprises to show some solidarity by making a donation – no matter how small or large – towards Oh My Soul Café’s substantial legal costs.

Tallulah and Richard Duffin, the owners of Oh My Soul Café, have set up a donation page through Payfast to help pay their legal fees. With it being a High Court case and with Chicken Licken being notorious for saturating small businesses with costs, they urgently need to raise R250 000.

So far, the Duffins have been funding the fight in their own personal capacity, but now they really need our help to push through the last hurdle.

If, and we hope when, they win the case, it will create a legacy for the vegan community as no business has yet successfully fended off Chicken Licken in court.

‘We have managed to raise R150 000 so far, so we still have a long way to go,’ says Tallulah Duffin. ‘I know how committed and passionate the vegan community is and we would just really appreciate all the help we can get.’

As conscience-driven vegans, we’re often plagued by what more we can do advance the vegan cause and alleviate the suffering of non-human animals. Here is an ideal opportunity to stand together and put our collective support behind a small, vegan café that is all about offering delicious cruelty-free food, creating awareness and being a voice for the voiceless.

Disclaimer: this article is distributed purely for information purposes and as an appeal to fellow vegans and supporters to stand together in unity.


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