SAVS guide to cruelty-free online shopping

To make your online shopping experience less of an ethical conundrum and more of a pleasure, we’ve put together a list of 100% vegan and vegan-friendly online stores.

100% Vegan

Vegan Africa
Vegan Africa is an online store selling vegan food products across South Africa. They specialise in selling alternatives to animal products such as  protein-rich plant-based meat,  vegan nut cheeses, melty cashew butter and even a vegan egg range. Their mission is to sell vegan products so delicious that no-one ever needs to feel like they are missing out.

Vegan cereals and kale chips

Vegan cat- and dog food.

Vegetarian with vegan options

Vegetarian and vegan food products

Faithful to Nature
Vegan and vegetarian products, well labelled for easy shopping.

Vegetarian and vegan food and supplements.

Pink Piggy Lifestyle
Pink Piggy Lifestyle is an online store with a holistic look at the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. We are striving to not only supply yummy foods but something to wear and to colour the cheeks too.

NOT vegan/vegetarian but some vegan products


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