Book Review – A Vegan Ethic: Embracing a life of compassion toward all

Author: Mark Hawthorne
ChangeMakers Books, 2016

This is an important book which, in its quiet and practical way reminds us that as vegans ‘doing our best to not harm any sentient life, we must logically extend that circle of compassion to human animals as well’.

With the initial chapters of the book covering the rights of animals and the practicalities of veganism itself, Mark Hawthorne then discusses how a consistently compassionate ethic can move beyond the practice of not eating meat, eggs and dairy. Drawing on the work of intersectional activists, Hawthorne reveals how the oppression of animals, humans and the environment is interconnected and how, by working together, we can transform our activism and develop collaborative strategies towards a kinder more just world.

A Vegan Ethic will appeal to long term vegans, those who want to go vegan as well as non-vegan family members and friends. Included in the book are a useful question and answer section, guides to vegan living and other valuable source material. Essentially this is a concise and accessible book to both start and expand one’s practice of ethical living.

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